Our Cats

Cats from Hermitage Museum

valen-delamot-ermitazhnyy Jean-Baptiste Michel Vallen de la Moth

 is our President. He is the oldest & the wisest cat here. He is almost fifteen.






img_4147Dora Maar

was named after Picasso's muse. She's a photomodel – she likes to pose for the camera.







gogen-ermitazhnyy Paul Gauguin

 is the smartest cat here.  






Maru-do-eron is named after Japanese armor. He is very naughty, that's why he likes to fight with other cats.






Luna is a white cat with odd-eyes, i.e. she has eyes of different colour – one blue, one yellow. In the 95% of cases white cats with blue eyes are deaf, but she has only one eye blue, so she can hear with one ear.






Maneki-Neko is a little bit shy, so pet her cautiously.






Breed cats


fQKLP3Bdeyc Makoto Muramatsu Kurilian Bobtail. 

The peculiarity of the breed is a naturally developed short tail. He likes when people scratch his tummy.






IMG_0237-1Ilves (Bobcat) is our yang Kurilian Bobtail gerl.







a0zAD2EJBG0(Hemi) our Maine Coon cat.












Another abandoned girl is this Bengal beauty, Gala, named after Salvador Dali's muse. The breed was found in India.






 "tiger cats", a domestic tiger look-like cat







Stacky is a Persian cat who was found in the street in winter. She was abandoned by her owners. Now she's a happy cat, who loves to be scraped by her back.





IMG_0157-1 Exotic Shorthair Lilla Mu was named after a hero of Swedish fairy tale about the Moomins. She's got the same character & similar appearance. When she's happy, she does not purr, but snorts like a piglet.











Another friend of them is Munchkin Eric. The breed was named after short people from Frank Baum's fairy tale, The Wizard of Oz. This cat has a long body & short legs. He is very afraid of apples.




IMG_0192-1 Dusha is a Don Sphinx. The breed was found in 1987 in Rostov. First they were born from an ordinary domestic cat. Because they have no fur their temperature is higher than usual – up to 42 degrees. They are very friendly & sociable.












Esenia or Senya is an ukranian levkoy - another sphinx breed. It's a mix between Don Sphinx and Scottish Fold cats. This breed has two kinds of cats - with folded ears and straight ones (like scottish folds breed).






Her breed is Scottish Straight. She's the laziest cat here – she wakes up only during feeding time