You dream of a pet but cannot have it? Or, on the contrary, you own a personal pride of cats? Are you’re a real CAT person? Are you interested in any events connected with pets and are eager to join the friendly society of cat fanciers? Would you like to know more about proper animal management and keep up with new trends and technologies for pets?

Or maybe you are having guests and would like to take them to an unusual place? Or would you like to have a date in a cozy atmosphere full of purring cats? Or finally you are just looking for something new?

If you can say yes to any of the questions, you are extremely welcome! Cat Republic is ready to open its borders for You!

“Cat Republic” is a division of Cat Museum, representing it in the center of Saint-Petersburg (the “headquarters” are situated in the Vsevolojsk town next to Saint-Petersburg). “Cat Republic” has its own exhibition different from the collection of Cat Museum. It is an outstanding place, which combines exhibition hall, art café, library and a room full of cats (so full – there’s no place to swing them!). Moreover, it is a good alternative for a cat shelter helping cats find the right Human. You can adopt one of the residents of Cat Republic or contribute to the improvement of life of homeless animals.